We are the only ones in Hamburg who can offer an alternative to the conventional tooth bleaching methods.

Zahnbleaching in Hamburg: effektiv und günstig!

The desire for white teeth is not a craze of the modern times!
Because white teeth were already regarded as signs of beauty and good health centuries ago!

We whiten your teeth…

  • Without pain!
  • Without side-effects!
  • Without peroxide!

Four steps towards a radiant smile, in only 21 minutes!

  • Please take a seat in the comfortable “Egg”. The current tint of your teeth is determined with the help of the nuance palette (colour scale).
  • You will clean your teeth for about 30 minutes using the ” finger brush “. In the meantime we shall fill the first mouth-guard with the Brilliant White PowerGel. You will get alltogether 3 mouth-guards
  • You will place the filled mouth-guard into your mouth and let the gel come into contact with your teeth. The LED-lamp is then activated.
  • When the first 7 minutes elapse, you take out the mouth-guard. Steps 3 and 4 are repeated 2 times. Lean back for the next 7 minutes and relax

The gel will act on the tooth surface but the gums and enamel will not be affected in the process. The treatment is 100% cosmetic. (Active agents: propylenglycol, glycerine, aroma, carbamide, triethanolamine, carbopol)

Bright white teeth in just a few minutes!