About the permanent hair removal methodology with the SHR-Technology

frequently asked questions:

When can the treatment be carried out?

No matter whether you choose the IPL method or the SHR method, permanent hair removal is only possible in the active growth phase (Anagen Phase) of the hair. It is during this phase that the melanin concentration is highest and the hair is firmly bound to the root. Approximately one third of the hair on the body is always in this phase such that about 20 per cent of the hair roots are destroyed permanently by the pulse light during treatment.

How many treatment appointments do I need?

In order to get the best results with SHR, one should undergo at least six to eight treatment sessions, at intervals of four to eight weeks. One must, however, keep in mind that success depends on the density and color of the hair and the number of individual hairs that are in the active growth phase. The number of individual sessions is in that regard very personal.

How long does the individual treatment session last?

That depends on the area of the body to be treated. The duration of the treatment can vary between a few minutes for the upper lip, one half hour for the lower thigh up to more than an hour for the whole body. The SHR treatment time with our Soprano from Alma Laser takes less time than with our IPL technology.

What role does the color of skin play in bringing about success of the treatment?

Unlike the IPL method, all skin types can be treated with the SHR method, including sun-tanned skin.

What has to be taken into consideration before or after the treatment?

Irrespective of whether you opt for the IPL or SHR method, the hair should not be plucked, epilated or waxed two weeks before the start of treatment because the connection between hair and root should not be disturbed. Treatment is carried out on skin that has previously been shaved. The skin should not be smeared with body lotion before the treatment and no deodorant should be applied on the day of treatment. After treatment it is recommended that you apply Aloe Vera cream since the skin will be feeling a little irritated and dry.
Important: In the days prior to the treatment a lot of fluid in the form of water should be taken. You should not spend time in the sun or use the solarium immediately before and after the treatment. Swimming, sauna and hot baths should also be avoided immediately after treatment. Those are extra attractions which can cause further reddening or burning of the skin.

Are there risks and side effects?

Depending on skin type and sensitiveness of the skin, some light skin redness (erythema) or slight swelling (edema) can be experienced. These are normal reactions which show that the treatment was effective and they should generally disappear after a short while.

  • The taking of certain medicines which cause photo-allergic and photo-toxic reactions must be clarified beforehand.
  • Tatoos must be covered carefully otherwise there is a risk that they become damaged.

Is there a guarantee for a “permanent hair removal“?

Human beings have millions of hair follicles, a high percentage of which is always lying dormant in the skin. Therefore, even though the treated areas remain free of hair after completion of treatment, it is possible that hormone surges, pregnancy, menopause or aging will occasionally activate growth of new hair. Nobody can therefore guarantee that treatment will bring about lifelong 100 per cent success. At the moment, SHR treatment represents the safest, most gentle, fastest and most effective method of permanent hair removal if it is applied over a sufficiently long period of time.
No respectable supplier can give you a guarantee of permanent hair removal.

Why are we more favourably priced than other studios?

We offer fairer prices than other studios because we keep our costs as low as possible. In that way everybody can afford the permanent hair treatment.
For us, a low price does not mean compromising with quality. On the contrary we lay a lot of emphasis on counseling our patients and the maintenance of our equipment.
Quality does not have to be expensive – IPL Hamburg!

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