Why permanent hair removal?

The acceptance and assessment of the treatment depends on medical as well as social aspects.

Hair growth that is too dense is regarded particularly among women as being unaesthetic. The more skin is shown, e.g. in the swimsuit, the more hairless the skin should look. The acceptance of body hair in men is higher but there is a growing trend towards hair removal even here.

According to an online survey carried out by Spiegel magazine, 60% of women between the ages of 20 and 29 years shave their genital areas, and in large cities it is even 81%.
Even men do shave themselves more frequently. Men shave the groin region most frequently (67%) and the armpits (64%).
There is another decisive reason for men to shave the pubic area, apart from social, hygienic and religious reasons: The penis is said to stand out more effectively without hair!

We are declaring war on the bothersome hair growth!

Shaving, epilation or out-growing are finally a thing of the past, just like the permanent hair removal with laser treatment, which is always associated with pain and is much more dangerously, not to mention the high prices.
Experience the new technology of permanent hair removal without laser!

With the IPL-Method (Intense photo Light), even sensitive skin can gently and permanently be rid of hair growth, and moreover at a reasonable price!

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