Our customers are convinced of the result:

Danilia, 45 years

I had the treatment done on the advice of my gynecologist. My sex life was no longer satisfying and I just didn’t want to put up with that. The effect was immediately noticeable to me and over time it got even better. A month after the treatment, I am still noticing further improvements as far as tightness is concerned. The difference is enormous, I feel like I’m 18 again down there, which is fantastic.

Natalia, 41 years

I suffered from stress incontinence for years, so I decided to try this new laser treatment. I was very curious to see if it would really work. I had no pain during the procedure and I can’t believe how well the treatment worked for me. It has been a year since the treatment and the effect has been incredible, so far I have had no more problems with unwanted urine leakage.

Mia, 44 years

The treatment I had was a real experience. I have 3 children and after the birth of my last child my sex life changed completely. Suddenly sexual intercourse was painful and I couldn’t enjoy it anymore. I felt ashamed and very uncomfortable, so I didn’t tell anyone that I had undergone laser treatment. It was a breathtaking moment when I slept with my husband again for the first time after the treatment. He noticed the difference immediately and so did I. Today, 8 months after the treatment, the effects are still being felt. It has changed my life.

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