LipoWeg functions as follows

The LipoWeg-Concept for healthy and easy loss of weight consists of three phases:

Phase 1

The LipoWeg therapy is fundamentally different from the conventional measures used for weight reduction.

It is an integral medical metabolism program for weight reduction. This procedure has proved itself clinically for over 30 years and is based on biological and homeopathic active agents. These cause very strong stimulation of the central regulation centers in the body. The basal metabolism increases, so the body uses up more energy despite low calorie intake. This energy is nothing else but mobilized adipose fats which are found in the so-called “problem zones” and which resist any diet on its own but can be cleared away with the LipoWeg therapy without the need for an operation.

After the first consultation we shall together determine how much weight you want to lose. You will be weighed and measured, and then we shall draw up a simple eating plan, but one which can easily be implemented in every situation.

You will report to our clinic three times a week, where we shall record the amount of weight you have lost and give you a homeopathic remedy.

Phase 2

This phase starts when you have achieved the desired weight. This phase is very important, so that you get to know your own limits in terms of eating and learn how to live with that. In that process you will get used to the fact that you will achieve and maintain your ideal weight through your new eating habits.

Practically speaking that means: The injection will now be applied only once a week. The diet plan is gradually transformed into a normal and balanced nutritional plan.

The duration of the follow-up treatment depends on the duration of the weight reduction.

Phase 3

You can arrange for further supervision on request. That means you can be reporting for weighing once a month to check the weight. It is not uncommon to find that people will want to lose more weight and will start the therapy once again, because they are feeling absolutely good physically and emotionally and are fully efficient. That’s why quite a number of people also undertake the therapy at regular intervals (spring or fall).

Your way to a healthy dream figure! We support you in this.