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Julia, 32 years

So my grandma always said “You can tell the real age of a woman by her hands…”. But I also believe that a well-groomed face and a smile on the lips make every woman directly 10 years younger. I have been treated at IPL Hamburg because of my expression lines and on my hands. The result convinced me and my friends also booked an appointment immediately. Keep it up!

Ines, 63 years

Most of all, you can tell the age and how a person has lived by his skin. I started early with the care of my skin and have not regretted it until now. I do quite a bit, but that’s why I feel completely comfortable in my skin. The skinny lift helps me to still look young and fresh. My wrinkles are noticeably less and I also suffer less from dry skin. I can recommend the treatment method without reservation.

Claudia, 54 years

I pay a lot of attention to my appearance. That’s why my flabby upper arms have been bothering me for a long time. Although I regularly go to the gym, it was only with the skinny lift treatment that my upper arms became significantly firmer. I am overjoyed to have discovered this painless and pleasant option. Thank you to the IPL team!

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