MeDioStar Laser Hair removal

Cheap permanent hair removal with MeDioStar Laser in Hamburg.

ZonePreisSpecial offer for May
Upper lip40,00 EUR
Chin40,00 EUR
Upper lip and chin60,00 EUR
Face85,00 EUR
Neck50,00 EUR
Face and neck105,00 EUR
Nape50,00 EUR
Armpits59,00 EUR
Upper arms80,00 EUR
Lower arms including hands80,00 EUR
Arms whole including hands145,00 EUR
Hands40,00 EUR
Chest80,00 EUR
Nipples40,00 EUR
Belly90,00 EUR
Back110,00 EUR
Bikini75,00 EUR
Bikini and genital area85,00 EUR
Midline40,00 EUR
Bikini and armpits125,00 EUR
Buttocks90,00 EUR
Gluteal fold50,00 EUR
Lower thigh ( both )160,00 EUR
Upper thigh ( both )160,00 EUR
Feet40,00 EUR
Legs – complete with feet300,00 EUR
Paket 1
Bikini, genital area and armpits135,00 EUR
Paket 2
Bikini, genital area and lower thigh220,00 EUR
Paket 3
Bikini, genital area, armpits and lower thigh250,00 EUR
Paket 4
Bikini, genital area, armpits and legs complete380,00 EUR
ZonePriceSpecial offer for May
Cheekbones50,00 EUR
Face90,00 EUR
Neck60,00 EUR
Nape60,00 EUR
Shoulders100,00 EUR
Armpits65,00 EUR
Upper arms90,00 EUR
Lower arms including hands90,00 EUR
Arms complete including hands160,00 EUR
Hands50,00 EUR
Chest95,00 EUR
Belly100,00 EUR
Back160,00 EUR
Back and shoulders210,00 EUR
Genital area90,00 EUR
Buttocks90,00 EUR
Gluteal fold50,00 EUR
Lower thigh ( both )170,00 EUR
Upper thigh ( both )170,00 EUR
Legs complete300,00 EUR
Paket 1
Chest and belly180,00 EUR
Paket 2
Back, Nape, Shoulders and Upper arms300,00 EUR
Paket 3
Genital area, Buttocks and Armpits180,00 EUR
Paket 4
Genital area + Buttocks120,00 EUR

Cheap permanent hair removal with MeDioStar Laser in Hamburg.

The prices stated are indicative. It is only after personal consultation and examination of the area to be treated, as well as an assessment of the treatment costs that an exact price can be fixed. If you select several packages, we shall gladly make an individual offer for you. The indicated prices include the mandatory value added tax of 19 percent.

If you cannot find your desired treatment combination, or if you would like a personal price offer, you can contact us on telephone anytime or you can simply get in touch using our Contact form.

The prices indicated are valid per treatment session and can only be paid in cash after each treatment.
For treatment costs amounting to more than 200 Euros per treatment, we can offer you payment by installments upon request. We do not charge interest for this!

If that applies to you, please feel free to talk to us about it!

We look forward to seeing you and we would like to offer you the best possible service.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please let us know in time so that we can give the chance to other customers. We can cancel your appointment free of charge if we receive notice to that effect up to a maximum of 24 hours before the appointed time. We reserve the right to levy charges for cancellations made at shorter notice.

Please contact us if you would like a full body treatment!