iLipo Fat-Removal-Laser: Slimming with success

Do you want to attain your ideal weight?

We shall help you specifically through treatments with the new iLipo Fat-Removal-Laser. You will find all information regarding the tried and tested iLipo Fat-Removal-Laser method here. Fast, simple, efficient and absolutely painless.


There is hardly any woman or man who does not know it, the problem with the irritating fat in the belly, legs or on the buttocks. Belly, legs, buttocks are therefore the areas on the body which need body-shaping particularly badly. Fat-removal without OP is the legitimate wish of many affected persons.

We offer you treatment with the iLipo Fat-Removal-Laser as an alternative to the usual ultra-sound treatment.

iLipo - Easy & fast weight loss in Hamburg

Fat removal without operation!

iLipo - Easy & fast weight loss in Hamburg

There are people who still do so much sport and eat consciously but cannot get the obstinate fat layers in certain places away – the so-called problem zones. Where till now it was necessary to have an operation to make the layers of fat disappear permanently, now a painless treatment schedule with the iLipo Fat-Removal-Laser suffices.

It doesn’t matter which part of the body is involved: Belly, legs, buttocks, hip, upper arms, double chin, chest,…!

Professional training in theory and practice is a prerequisite for a successful execution of an iLipo treatment and for contented customers.
We have taken part in an intensive training programme, in which theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in handling the iLipo Fat-Removal-Laser were drilled intensively. You know, training is an important component of our company philosophy.

Your road to a dream figure! We shall support you all the way.