Mode of operation of the iLipo Fat-Removal-Lase

Fat reduction and shaping of the body

Funktionsweise des iLipo Fett-weg-Laser

Mitochondria – target of the iLipo laser light

Mitochondria are the “power stations” of the cells. The iLipo light is absorbed in the mitochondria of the cells. Through this stimulation of the mitochondria, chemical processes are triggered within the fat cells.

Reactions within the cell:

The iLipo light penetrates into the cytochrom-C oxidase unit of the proton transport chain within the mitochondria. Through the intensification of the biological processes to increase the hydrogen and calcium ion expulsion (H+ and Ca2+), the chemical balance within the cell is changed temporarily.
The increase in the ph-value within the cell brings about a change in the charge distribution in the cell walls, whereby pores are opened through which the cell components can pass.

Reaktion in the mitochondria

The changes in the Ca2+ ions in the cell stimulate the production of a lipase enzyme which splits the enclosed triglyceride into glycerine and fatty acids. Compared with the large, bulky structure of the triglycerine molecule, the smaller glycerine molecules and fatty acids can be transported by that through the pores in the cell wall via transporting proteins to the outside. As soon as these reach the cell gaps, they are taken by the lymphatic system of the body to be converted into energy.

Photochemical reaction:

  • LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapie)
  • Wavelengths between 630 nm – 660 nm are best suited to cause bio-stimulative effects at cell level.

Action of the mitochondria

The mitochondria of the cells (“power stations of the cells”) take in the laser light and set off the following process:

  • the cell walls of the fat cells become porous
  • the cell membrane gets cracked and becomes permeable
  • The energy reserves stored in the fat cells are split and expelled from the cells, and they are then metabolized by the lymphatic system.

In order to effectively utilize the energy released by the iLipo, a 30 to 45 minute cardio-sports programme must be done on the day of the treatment, and in so doing the treatment should ideally be carried out 2 times a week in a period of 4 – 6 weeks.

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