The permanent hair removal procedure with SHR & IPL technology does exactly what it promises:

Rüdiger Niklas

To venture takes courage! What does one do when the hair only grows abundantly in places where it disturbs you?

IPL offers you good advice. They treasure information and one can even try out the procedure during consultation, in order to find out whether it is the right thing for you!
The trappings are right and the treating ladies are nice and decent, which helps when one is to surrender him-/herself to be handled by strange hands. I think women find it easier there because they have more experience. I don’t have to have my wife’s cold wax strips any more, certainly not when she is perhaps a bit annoyed because of something!

Depending on the density of the “fur”, 6 to 10 treatment sessions may be necessary, but the result is really wonderful! The shirt does not have to rub the back any more until it turns red or inflames the roots of the hair! And when the one partner or the other explores certain regions on the other’s body without pricking him-/herself on the stubbles or without spitting hair, then that will immensely stimulate interest in the partner, even though one has known the other for a long time already!

It is really recommendable, try it out!

Stefan Scherhans

Hello dear IPL-Team,
First of all, a great Thank You for the wonderful treatment of the last few months. I can hardly believe it but one can already count the remaining hairs with the naked eye, and that after such a short time. I would never have thought that I would see my back so “airy”.

I am even contemplating whether I should not now have my chest too worked on. It is so wonderful to see the results. And the friendly consultations are the icing on the cake. I am already looking forward to the next time.

Maria Seifert

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone how happy I am with ipl-Hamburg.
I had extensively made inquiries about prices before my treatment and it was quite unbelievable to discover how cheap ipl-Hamburg is in comparison with many other enterprises.
The treatment went smoothly, I have got rid of the hair and also saved a whole lot of money.

I can only recommend it to everybody.

Please speak to us if you wish to have treatment for the whole body!