Biological Immune Therapy

for strengthening the immune system

Our immune system protects us round the clock from attacks by viruses and bacteria.

Different factors, such as an unhealthy way of life and certain basic illnesses, can weaken our immune system. This happens to each of us two to four times a year on average. A running nose, cough, fever and rheumatic pains torment us:

Time for a cold. If you frequently feel lethargic, are often ill and have the feeling that the intervals between the infections are getting shorter and shorter, then it might just be possible that you are suffering from an immune deficiency.

Apart from stress, an unbalanced diet and sleep deprivation, chronic illnesses and many medical drugs can also weaken our immune system.

The periods during which one feels really well, fit and efficient are getting shorter and shorter.

Biological immune therapy is applied when the following symptoms sufface:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Recurring infections
  • Inflammatory respiratory illnesses accompanied by fever

Immune therapy lasts four weeks during which you will receive ten injections in total.

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