Unlike the laser method, the wavelength spectra of the light are used during the IPL treatment. Light pulses penetrate into the skin layer and are transported to the root of the hair through the hair’s melanin. The melanin converts the light energy into heat which cauterizes the root of the hair. A cauterized hair root can no longer produce hair. The IPL method is very effective in the growth phase. Depending on which part of the body is hairy, the active hair roots represent 20 -40 %. The roots of the hair are transparent during the period of dormant growth because they do not have any melanin. These are not destroyed by the flash lamp.
One must therefore wait until they are in the active growth phase again to achieve an effective result. You therefore need several treatments to remove all hair permanently.

Depending on which part of the body is being treated, one needs several treatments which must be carried out at intervals of 1 to 2 months so that every root of hair is removed permanently.

The number of treatments is therefore dependent upon the density of the hair growth and on the growth phase of the respective region of the body.

To protect the eyes, safety goggles are worn during the treatment. The IPL hand piece is then pressed lightly on the region of the body and a flash (flash-light) is triggered off. When the treating light flashes you will feel a slight prick.

Advantages of the IPL Method

  • fast, effective and permanent hair removal
  • never again shave, wax or epilate
  • always a smooth skin without bothersome stubbles
  • on all parts of the body: armpits, face, bikini area, genital area, legs etc.
  • optimal protection of the skin
  • cheap longlasting hair removal

Phaser EPL (2-Phase pulse), a certified, medical device

Our IPL device of the IPL 3 technology has an optimal cooling system. It is therefore very pleasant on the skin in the areas of the body being treated and one can treat extensive areas of the body without taking a cooling break. With the IPL 3 we can also treat darker skin types.
In 80% of the customers treated with IPL, up to 90% of the body hair becomes permanently cauterized.

The Phaser EPL (2-phase pulse), a certified medical device, is equipped with smartlite technology. This is the latest state of the art technology. This improved and already clinically tested treatment process enables maximum effectiveness for the execution, success and the safety of the treatments.

In the first part of the pulse, a quick rise in temperature takes place. This is particularly important for successful treatment of bright and thin hair.

Due to the special form of the pulse, the heat is kept in the hair follicle for as long as possible during the second phase – without unnecessarily warming up the epidermis, though. This is particularly important for the successful treatment of thick hair.

The Phaser EPL consists of red and yellow light particles. Red light particles are responsible for absorption into the melanin of the hair and for the warming of the hair stem. The yellow light particles are responsible for the cauterization of the fine capillaries that supply the follicles. This unique combination leads to high effectiveness, especially also in the case of brighter and thinner hair.

The unique combination of the insulated light conductor and the special reflector construction optimize the effectiveness of the treatment light emitted into the skin.

After the release of the light pulse, some of the light is reflected by the skin. The optical system uses these reflected light particles too and changes them into light energy useful for the treatment.

An additional increase in effectiveness is attained using a special coating of the conductor. Loss of light through the sides of the conductor is no longer possible.

Our IPL device is not a cheap device from China! It is a device of high quality technology with a medical CE-certification!

Instead of IPL we only offer the more advanced laser method!