Advantages & Suitability

Advantages of LipoWeg-Therapy

  • motivation through personal care and support in a healthy way
  • quick success using LipoWeg-injections
  • full efficiency
  • no hungry feeling
  • no operation
  • the “good-mood-feeling” through stability
  • strengthening of self-esteem
  • no side effects
  • improvement in the state of health
  • no powder and no pills for weight loss
  • long-term change in diet
  • personal and individual support
  • emotional support
  • control over the entire period of weight reduction
  • improvement in well-being
  • success even in difficult cases
  • weight stabilization through the activation of metabolism
  • helpful in case of other metabolism illnesses
  • nutritional advice with regard to subsequent eating habits
  • learning to keep weight
  • People whose metabolism works too sluggishly
  • People who have slowed down their metabolism due to many weight-loss methods
  • Pleasure-seekers who have built up too much weight through excessive eating and drinking
  • People who eat out of frustration
  • People who eat completely uncontrollably
  • Women who can only lose weight with difficulty or who can hardly lose weight after a change in their hormonal structure (pregnancy, menopause, hormone treatment, pills)
  • Patients with hypotherosis, if they are correctly adjusted medicinally
  • Patients with hypotherosis
  • Overweight children and teenagers who can be effectively helped with gentle homeopathy and a special diet plan
  • People who have stopped smoking and have therefore gained weight
  • Patients who do not want to do any sports or who can only do it with lots of limitations due to their weight
  • Before or after orthopedic operations, such as hip joint, knee joint, intervertebral discs
  • People with problem zones

For all those who simply want to lose weight and become slimmer..

Lose weight effectively, but without the Jo-jo-effect?!

The solution is: “LipoWeg”, the new method of losing weight!

Gewichtsreduktion mit LIPOwegThe slimming principle of “LipoWeg” is simple, effective and healthy.

The slimming principle of “LipoWeg” is simple, effective and healthy.
Controlled eating together with the homeopathic syringes which were incidentally developed many years ago and have as a result been improved again and again, causes the metabolism activity which is so important for weight loss. The energy consumption increases through that and the body must shed weight. The average success factor here is six kilograms per month; in individual cases one can even lose considerably more weight.

Originally conceived as a health concept, LipoWeg also improves liver and blood fats, strengthens the body’s defenses and is just as suitable for diabetics.

Feel-good hormones are released and depressions fought, the skin remains beautiful and the ravenous appetite is kept under check.

Patients feel well both emotionally and more physically well.

Losing weight using “LipoWeg” is success all the way through!

Please contact us if you would like a full body treatment!