Treatment with SHR Hair Removal Therapy

Permanent hair removal with SHR-Technology works as follows

Favourable permanent hair removal with laser (SHR): IPL Hamburg

Conventional method of removing hair permanently using IPL

When using the classical permanent hair removal procedure, energy is released through single pulses with as high an energy density as possible transient signals with an energy density as high as possible. The papilla absorbs the entire energy, and is supposed to be heated up to 70 degrees within a short time and destroyed in the process. Since the skin also contains melanin, however, it also absorbs that energy something which is not actually desired. That is why this method of treatment is often regarded as being painful and unpleasant. Besides, there is always a danger of unwanted side effects.

the new SHR method of permanent hair removal

Instead of single pulses with high energy, SHR™ method uses multiple impulses which are released with proportionately low single pulse energy. In the case of Soprano the frequency is 10 hertz (10 Hz), that is 10 pulses per second, and for Spa SHR Pro it is 3 hertz (3 Hz), which is 3 pulses per second. Through the large number of impulses an enormously high amount of energy is applied per treated skin surface without straining the epidermis.
It is well-known that proteins lose their live and life-giving qualities if they are heated up more than 43° degrees Celsius. During treatment with the SHR™ method the treated area is heated up to 45°C – 50°C. The surrounding tissue serves as an energy reservoir, so the temperature of the hair papillae and their stem cells is also maintained by the surrounding tissue.

„In- Motion“

Besides, and this marks great progress for the permanent hair removal strategy using light, the SHR™-Technology “In-Motion” is used. That means the hand piece is passed over the treated area in gentle movements during treatment.
The SHR™ method together with the In-Motion gliding technique represents a breakthrough in the permanent hair removal strategy using light. The application of this methodology takes place fast and comfortably and the patient receives safe, effective and almost painless treatment. The widely known “Pulse for Pulse Injection Methodology” which calls for the precise placement of the hand piece and the unwanted side-effects that come with it (checkered skin, time) is avoided.

Six to eight rounds of hair removal per treatment cycle are recommended, during which the hand piece is moved vertically and horizontally over the treated area. As a rule, perifollicular edemas are then formed, and these show the success of the treatment. The stem cells are deactivated.

Pigmented hair of all skin types can also be safely treated, and even sun-tanned skin can be treated.

Fast and cheap hair removal with SHR:

Alma Laser: SHR permanent hair removalStart of the pulse emission. The hand piece moves over the hairy skin and emits three pulses per second.

Alma Laser: SHR permanent hair removal treatmentThe temperature in the dermis rises. The epidermis is not strained, since the single pulses only have low energy and the contact area (sapphire) is intensely cooled.

Alma Laser: SHR permanent hair removal after treatmentThrough the large number of pulses per area a high amount of energy is accumulated in the dermis. The hair-growth cells are thus heated to a clinically acceptable temperature in order to kill them off. All types of hair thickness and all pigmented hair can be successfully removed through that method.

SHR Hair Removal in Hamburg

Permanent hair removal with laser in Hamburg

Advantages of the SHR Method

  • it is almost painless as a hair removal method
  • works with all hair types
  • works also for sun-tanned skin
  • covers the treated area completely
  • it is a permanent hair removal method
  • has been proven to be safe

Comparison: before and after treatment with SHR

Armpits (before / after)
Armpits (before / after)
Legs (before / after)
Legs (before / after)
Bikini (before / after)
Bikini (before / after)

Soprano ICE - The Diode Laser with Alex-Wavelength

SHR Laser: Soprano ICE

The latest Innovation in Permanent Hair Removal is the SHR-Technology developed and patented by Alma Lasers.
It makes it possible to have almost painless treatment for all hair types, even sun-tanned skin, and it has revolutionized the permanent hair removal methodology worldwide.

Many copy-cat enterprises have emerged over time, which also offer devices with purported SHR-Technology, but only devices from Alma Lasers work with the original, almost painless SHR-Technology. This technology makes effective treatment without side-effects possible.

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