Biological Nerve Therapy

The treatment for stress and decline in performance

Two thirds of all Germans are constantly feeling stressed.

Chronic overwork, manifold overload both privately and professionally, and the constant accessibility are taking their toll.

The limit of one’s resilience is soon reached – mentally and physically.

Higher, faster, farther very quickly ends in an upward spiral – diagnosis:


What happens when the body is stressed?

The stress activity in the body itself can be sub-divided scientifically into three phases:

1. Alarm phase

During this phase more and more stress hormones /adrenaline, cortisol) are released into the body during acute stress situations. The body is running at full blast.

2. Adaptation phase

During this phase the body will try to adapt to the constant stress.

3. Exhaustion phase

At this stage the body resigns itself to the constant stress k – Burn-Out and depressions threaten to break out.

The biological Nerve-Therapy works as follows

Three medical preparations specially made to compliment each other form the basis of this biological nerve therapy. They are administered as an injection over a period of four weeks.

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