Comparison iLipo with other methods

Direct comparison of iLipo Fat-Removal-Laser with Ultra-sound

iLipo Fat-Removal-LaserUltra-sound method
Mode of actionEnergy reserves (tryclyceride) in the fat cells are split into free fatty acids, the fat cell is emptied and reduced to its original size. The body can immediately use and process these free fatty acids.The fat cell is destroyed and the tryclyceride stored there, together with the cell material, are released unchanged to the body. The body cannot use these in that form, therefore the liver must carry out the processing.
Impact on the bodyLittle, the liver is hardly strained. The processing of the released fatty acids resembles the process after a usual meal.Much, because the liver is put under much strain by the decomposition of the damaged cell material and the splitting of the released tryclyceride.
Treatment intervalTreatment is possible on every 2nd day because the body is not constrained.Treatment every 14 days
Treatment areaA complete area of the body (e.g. belly, legs, arms, etc.) can be treated in one treatment session.An area corresponding to 2 palms of the hand can be treated in one treatment session.
Side-effectsKeineBlue spots, pressure pain (tenderness), partial destruction of liver cells
Consequences of the treatmentSince no fat cells are destroyed, there is no danger of formation of new fat cells at a later stage around the heart and around internal organs.Since the original fat cells were destroyed, there is a danger of formation of new fat cells around internal organs if too many calories are consumed again later (analogous to fat suction method, Fat-Removal-Injection)
Treatment procedureThe device works completely autonomously. The preparation time is less than 5 minutes, and no gel is required. There are no consumable parts.The person treating must physically guide the hand piece over the treatment area during the entire treatment session. Gel is required.
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